Why The Kanger Aerotank Is So Popular

Possessing dual coil clearomizers, the Kanger Tech Aerotank is sure to change the way folks vape today. Lots of hype surrounds this clearomizer at this time. Even when they look the same as that of the Protank, its effectiveness is even a lot better.

The Kanger Aerotank includes a full stainless steel body and features dual coil heads inside making it very exclusive. You can also get airflow controls here that will make it easily changeable

The Capacity of the Aerotank

The particular Aerotank brags as many as 2.5 ml of e-liquid which it can contain. Even though this is just standard potential, all clearomizers produced by the company have the same quantity.

You can find a metal tube within the center of the clearomizer that will reach up to the mouthpiece towards the battery section. While filling these devices, you need to avoid having the liquid go into the tube to avoid leaking

It must be noted by folks that the atomizer head features a seal which will break temporarily when loosened and can cause dripping. This concern can be avoided by wrapping the tip with a bit of tissue or cloth whenever you unscrew the clearomizer base. Should you hear a gurgling sound, this means that the middle portion already has e-liquid inside.

The particular clearomizer should be divided from its battery and then blowing air through the top without draining the tank. Make certain that atomizer head is fastened securely before installing it back to the base of the tank. It’s just normal to observe little levels of e-liquid near the battery after removing the clearomizer.

Remember to keep the battery cleaned right before charging it as this can be a safe practice to perform. The particular clearomizer tank should also be kept at a suggested amount of around a third of its full capacity. That is going to help avoid leaking while having the ability to maintain its vacuum within.

Replaceable Components

Every single part of an Aero Tank from Kanger Tech is definitely replaceable. This means the device can effortlessly be cleaned and preserved while allowing people to make use of customized components. The particular Aerotank also has a great lifespan which is certainly one of its main advantages over others. Take a glance on the items that you can obtain in buying an Aerotank package today:

Instruction Pamphlet – A simple overview is included in the form of a manual in the bundle of the Aerotank upon purchase. You ought to keep this guidebook handy in case you will require it in the future.

Aerotank Parts – The particular package on the Aerotank is done together with other parts found inside. Items that are included are the 510 base, bottom and top caps along with the Pyrex tank inside.

While the tank itself is easily replaced, consumers should still handle their glass tanks cautiously. This is due to the unit is made using the same glass on the Protank variations. Acquiring any breakage or cracks inside the tank would likely break it and it is not under any warranty. Look at this as a fair warning for people who are not cautious in handling their accessories. You are going to need replacement should your glass tank presently has a crack on it.

There are also a variety of color alternatives to choose from with all the glass tanks offered by Kanger. Some of the vapers out there would choose to fully customize their gadgets to suit their preferences. You can take a look at the fantastic color choices provided by Kanger for their Aerotank in their website.

Dual Coil Atomizer Heads- The 510 threading is one thing that the Aerotank is designed for. The good thing about this is that the product can work on 510 threaded APVs and MODs without the need for an adapter. The coils on the Aerotank are manufactured similar to that of the Protank and will have longer stems entirely. Installing them on the clearomizer have to be first done before they could get started.

Users should take notice that these clearomizers are certainly not compatible with any other type of coils, that is why it is important for them to purchase only the recommended models. The atomizer heads with the Aerotank may also be not interchangeable with others.

Besides all these, the atomizer heads may have an average life of close to 20 days after use. This is of course influenced by the vaping habits of the person. You will know that the atomizer head has started to wear down when it starts generating low vapor quality. Another sign to look for is seeping. That is why it is best process to replace the atomizer head right away when these circumstances occur.

Beauty Ring – Besides all of these components, the Aerotank also features a convenient to use beauty ring. Its purpose is to cover the added threading perfectly located at the unit for more style.

Aside from possessing a dual coil atomizer, this gadget also allows adjustable ventilation control. People can just turn a dial on its foundation which will decrease or increase the airflow depending on their choice.

Controlling the airflow is the attribute which really can make this clearomizer stand out among the rest. It is quite easy to utilize and create in the process. Folks can take down the device for them to clean it thoroughly.

People are advised to not totally close the airflow within the Aerotank. This is because they may have a tough time moving the control again as it could become very tight.

With all of that said, Kanger Tech’s Aerotank unit truly is a innovative product within its industry. It has helped clearomizers get a lot of awareness of clients. People that are looking to try a good vaping experience must try using the Aerotank. Kanger also offers other goods that are related to this like their KangerTech Evod Starter Kit.

Make sure that you have read the important points about the merchandise well before you buy them. Follow all of the guidelines well on how you can put in and maintain the unit to avoid any issues. There is always a benefit in focusing on how to take care of your merchandise for the best practices.

Electronic Cigarettes Once Again Proven Safe

The main argument that ecig detractors use in pushing anti-vaping policies is that electronic cigarettes are not confirmed by studies to be safe. An impulsive listener would most likely believe this claim without first finding out if it is true.

However, if you are a type of person who prefers hearing both sides of a story before giving your personal opinion, you would first verify the truth in this argument. Most probably, you would seek the help of Google and search online about ecig studies.

Numerous Studies Done

Up on the internet are various resources (like the ecigalternative.com, casaa.org, sfata.org and tveca.com) where you could read about studies that confirmed that electronic cigarettes are safe and effective tools that many former smokers used in quitting the habit.

Electronic Vapors Are Not Harmful

One of the latest studies that disprove the negative health impacts of ecig use was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The leader of the researchers’ group was Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.

Members of this panel were researchers from Abich Technological Laboratory (Italy) and Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (Greece). Together, they evaluated the cytotoxic potential effects of 20 various e-liquids in their vapor forms on the cultured cardiac cells.

Vapors were produced using the new generation high-voltage electronic cigarette devices available in the market. For the purpose of comparison, the researchers likewise evaluated the effects of tobacco smoke.

Interestingly, their study ultimately showed that the cytotoxic effects of electronic cigarette vapors are very much lower than of tobacco smoke. The majority of the samples gathered showed there were no adverse effects from using electronic cigarettes. The cardiac cells exposed to the electronic vapors have shown to have the same survival rates as those cardiac cells in clear medium.

Four cells, however, were found to have lower survival rates. This, the doctor said, is a confirmation of their initial suspicion that whatever problems could occur from ecig use would not be due to the main ingredients such as glycerol and propylene glycol, but from the flavorings added to the e-liquid.

He said that there is a little flavoring proportion that could have caused the harm in the four affected cell samples. Nevertheless, this harm is still quite minimal compared to the adverse harms that tobacco cigarette smoke brings.

From their assessment, even the worst performing of all e-liquids tested (or those that were produced with flavors extracted from tobacco leaves) was showed to be 3x less harmful than tobacco smoke. Yet, flavors are very important in presenting ecigarettes as acceptable cigarette substitute. Flavors, should then be tested so that the most harmful ones can be identified.

According to Dr. Farsalinos, their work only represents their constant efforts in evaluating the outcome of vaping under laboratory conditions. He emphasized that they reproduced the scenario of how ecigarettes are actually used in real life. They made use of products (liquids and devices) that are all popular among the vaping consumers.

Once again, based on the results they gathered, the very much opposed to products were proven not to pose any serious threats on public health. Now that ecigs have been endorsed safe, you should give them a try with the best brand online called V2cigs.com. You can even save 15% OFF your first purchase with a V2 cigs coupon from v2cigscouponcodes.typepad.com and 10% OFF every order after that as long as you use the V2 cigs coupon code.

Ecig Nicotine Is Not Dangerous

As for the other controversial issue of ecigarettes pertaining to nicotine, the doctor commented that they tested nicotine concentrations of 6 to 24 mg/ml. From the research outcome, it can only be understood that the nicotine levels in ecigs are not material in the survival of cells. Nicotine in ecig and smoking use is not toxic to cells.

Since 2011, Dr. Farsalinos and his team have already been involved in ecigarette research. They already have performed several studies on ecig safety that were published in numerous peer-view medical journals and were presented before many international medical congresses and meets.